Changing the Landscape (w.t)

2014 – 2021 • ongoing project

Changing the Landscape is a work in progress project that combines research with artistic production. Its result shall be a two channel video installation. The work wishes to explore the possibilities of visualizing a landscape of memories and of observing changing times from a personal point of view. Changing the landscape takes its starting point from the sale and the following dismantling of the old family house of the artist in Pucón, a town located in the south of Chile. The artists makes use of various family archive materials and her own biography.

These are contextualized within the framework of general socioeconomic transformations taking place simultaneously. The demands of a booming real estate market for vacation homes in the formerly remote region is just one of its most contemporary examples. With the maneuver of juxtapositioning the biographical with the socioeconomic and political the artist investigates the impact of big issues like globalization, gentrification and turbo-capitalism on the level of her family history as well as her own personal life. Performative strategies accompany the artist´s conception of visualizing landscapes of memories and transformations as if she was probing them as part of the process.

Changing the Landscape es un projecto de investigación y producción artística, una experiencia audiovisual (documental y experimental) que se plasmará en una instalación de video de dos canales. La principal motivación es crear una obra que de cuenta de un paisaje de la memoria y observar el tiempo, asumiéndolo como uno donde se posa una tragedia de connotación personal y otra sobre la destrucción ambiental y paisajística. Se basa en el desmantelamiento de una antigua casa familiar ubicada en Pucón, pueblo ubicado al Sur de Chile. El trabajo critica las transformaciones socioeconómicas y el progreso inmobiliario enclavado en un contexto latinoamericano como espejo ampliado y poliédrico de una realidad universal.