Nansa Flow (w.t)

2016 • Villa Iris Fundación Botín • Santander

Water is the consciousness of the Landscape. Flowing Rivers are the element that build the identity of a Valley. In Cantabria, river Nansa and its environment have been subject to human influence and abusive exploitation since decades. For the purpose of the production of hydroelectricity natural flows and streams are channelled and diverted. Referring to ecocriticism (a complex ecological system in which energy, matter and ideas interact) Carolina Redondo with her video performance draws attention to the human made transformation around the Nansa river mapping its degradation and disappearance.

The work was developed in June 2016, during a residency at Villa Iris with Joan Jonas at Fundación Botín, Santander, Spain. Nansa Flow (w.t) is a video installation. At ist first presentation in Villa Iris (please see image) the work was projected on the 10 meter flag that was part of performative action shown in the video. The presentation could be modified according to the actual provided space.