Voltage Spike

2012 • »The Limit of The Present« • Fuhrwerkswaage Kunstraum • Cologne

Scale architectural intervention, a spatial barrier that test the problematic of personal and globalized objectification, through performative penetrations. Using polypropylene straps, Redondo build a large-scale wall by intertwined bands. The fabric is in its materiality a projection screen of a video in which the artist repeated punctures stabs through a membrane similar to the present polypropylene fabric. The virtual penetration of a real structure by a documented action bursts into the real space of the viewer who experience the unison convergence of virtuality and reality. Such convergence transgrede the implicit metaphorical moment in the action of puncture, opening an aesthetic space whose subsumes the viewer into the immediacy of the present.This strategy represents a possibility beyond mimesis and the commitment commonly expected of Latin American art today. Without pathos or aphelion, the work asserts itself in the world of its existence, pronouncing his own aesthetic legitimacy.

—Alejandro Perdomo Daniels


  • Concept, cinematography, montage, sound editing: Carolina Redondo